Employee Advocacy

Twitter for Employee Advocates in 2018

Author: Alex Rogers
Posted on: 10 Apr, 2018

To grow your personal brand, you need build trust as an expert in your field or industry. Here’s how you as an employee advocate can get the most...

Employee Advocacy

5 stats to prove that your brand needs advocacy

Posted on: 20 Feb, 2018

Your brand needs advocates and its own advocacy program. Why? Here are 5 statistical reasons to get you started today…

Employee Advocacy

Who are the perfect candidates for employee advocacy?

Posted on: 13 Feb, 2018

Begin your employee advocacy program on the best foot by choosing the right advocates from your team.

Employee Advocacy Social Selling

Why tribalism works with employee advocacy for big brands

Posted on: 30 Jan, 2018

Employee advocacy programs need to grow as cultures, so embedding a sense of tribalism could really help big brands.

Employee Advocacy

How to build brand engagement inside your company

Posted on: 21 Nov, 2017

3 steps to build better brand engagement from within your company today, through employee advocacy. Better engagement within your brand will lead to...

Employee Advocacy Sales

How Employee Advocacy Can Make You A Better Salesperson

Posted on: 10 Sep, 2017

Find out how Employee Advocacy can make you a better salesperson and help your sales team become a formidable asset to your brand.

Employee Advocacy Social Selling

[Infographic] Examples of KPI's For Social Employees

Posted on: 03 Sep, 2017

Here are some examples for key performance indicators (KPI's) that you can you to measure the power of your social employees.

Employee Advocacy Marketing

How Employee Advocacy Can Make You A Better Marketer

Posted on: 27 Aug, 2017

Here’s how Employee Advocacy can make you a better marketer for your team and make your a better department for your company.

Employee Advocacy Social Selling

[Infographic] 4 Traits Of Successful Social Employees

Posted on: 20 Aug, 2017

Learn what it takes to harness the power of social media at work with these 4 traits shared by all successful social employees.

Employee Advocacy Sales

[Infographic] 7 Awesome Stats On Employee Advocacy And Sales

Posted on: 31 Jul, 2017

Learn how you can boost your sales efforts with this handy infographic that contains 7 Awesome Stats On Employee Advocacy.