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[Infographic] 5 need to know facts about Facebook in 2017

Written by: Alex Rogers
Posted on: 29 Oct, 2017

What's happened at Facebook in 2017? Find out the 5 facts you need to know with this free infographic.

Facebook remains the world's number one most popular social channel in 2017. It has tipped over the 2 billion users marker with apparent ease. These are the facts that marketers, content creators and digital adervtisers love, as these stats help shape their strategy. 

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Perhaps that's you? If so, you're probably wondering first and foremost where your resources are best spent, whether that's in relation to digital spend on promoted content or ads or where your next hire will be. You might even be interested in new technologies to help you utlisie to harness the power of social.

Let's remember too that once you know all that, you need to know what sort of content you need to be creating, how often and for which channels. This all depends on your audience and there is no better way of getting to know them then to see how people are actually using social media platforms.

With the help of a plethora of sources (all of which can be found here on and from Statista), we've compiled the 5 key stats that you need to know about the world's leading social network. Hopefully, this will give you the insight and the fuel you need to dive deeper into understanding your audinece. Who knows, it may even play a crucial role in cementing your next marketing strategy.


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